Who We Are

With ten years of global experience in the smoke alarm industry, Smoke Alarm Professionals are the experts of choice when it comes to ensuring that both Property Managers and Landlords meet their duty of care and legislative responsibilities. We understand the importance of providing a cost-effective and efficient service that removes the confusion and stress surrounding the intricate yet crucial guidelines regarding smoke alarms and being compliant.

How we reduce your liability

Property Managers

As per your contract, property managers assume legal liability on behalf of the property owner and as a result it can be the responsibility of the property manager to ensure that the property meets legal requirements and obligations. Smoke Alarm Professionals takes on that responsiblity, ensuring that the smoke alarms meet current legislative requirements.


Proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act will make Landlords reponsible for ensuring smoke alarms are operational, installed correctly and inspected at the start of every new tenancy. Smoke alarms must also be operational and in working order at all times throughout the tenancy.


Under these proposed changes, it will be the tenants responsibility to change the smoke alarm batteries and notify the landlord of any faults. If the alarms are tampered with or batteries not replaced tenants can be liable for damages in the event of a negligent fire. Smoke Alarm Professionals replaces all 9 volt batteries for free at every visit and will always make sure the smoke alarms are operational.

Our Compliance Statement

A certificate of compliance will be issued following the attendance. This certificate is your proof that you have been responsible and fully meet the current smoke alarm legislation and is extremely important in the event of a fire.

Our Smoke Alarm Technicians

At the forefront of our service are our locally employed technicians who are comprehensively trained in the latest smoke alarm legislation and customer service. They drive sign-written vehicles and carry photo identification so that you can be confident that we will treat every client with respect and that you will receive the best value service in the industry, delivered by a team of professionals who understand true customer service and the importance of compliance.

Supplied Alarms

Although smoke alarms have a life span of ten years, many do not last this length of time. Smoke Alarm Professionals have seen many instances where smoke alarms have been damaged, gone missing or become faulty and therefore require replacing well within the ten year period. Under our $89 Annual Smoke Alarm Package, we will supply and install all smoke alarms that are required in order to deem a property compliant to the current legislation at no cost to you. The smoke alarms supplied by Smoke Alarm Professionals are ten year photoelectric smoke alarms that comply with the manufacturing standard AS 3786:1993  as per the proposed new smoke alarm standards.

Areas we service

Please see the map below for areas in which we operate within New Zealand.

Map of NZ

Who better to guide you than the smoke alarm professionals with over ten years of global experience?